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How do you feel about HP not supporting older devices in Open webOS?

We had a few days to process the news that HP was officially not going to support the TouchPad and other older webOS devices with Open webOS. The announcement didn't go over well with the webOS Nation community, judging by the 150+ comments our article on the matter received. So we needled HP for more information about why they made this decision and they were certainly more forthcoming. The reasoning was understandable: it takes a lot of time to review and scrub the hundreds of thousands of lines of code they have to open source, and along with updating webOS with new components they just didn't have the resources to make porting Open webOS to the TouchPad a priority, even though they wanted to. That's why they did the webOS Community Edition instead, so at least there will be something for the strangely loyal webOS community.

So now that we've had some time to cool down and get a more complete answer from HP, as well as talk to the open source community about what they're going to do with the webOS Community Edition and Open webOS, how are you feeling about HP's decision to not support older devices like the TouchPad with Open webOS?