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Having a removable battery is a great feature on the Pre or Pixi line of phones (sorry Veer) for when your battery is almost out of juice and you have a fully charged spare battery just ready to be inserted into the back of the phone. Unfortunately, you need to power down your phone first before, swap out your battery, and then reboot the phone once you have the new battery. that whole process that could last upwards of five minutes or more on some of the older devices.

However, if you have access to your power cord and charger you can actually "hot swap" the battery without needing to turn your phone off. Just plug in your phone before taking the battery out and you may have anywhere from just a few seconds to upwards of 1-2 minutes where the phone will continue to run without the battery. Just plop in a new battery, close the cover and unplug the cord. You should be good to go! Of course, if you have access to a power cord, you may not need to swap out your battery in the first place, but this is an option available to you just in case.

Note that just as a Touchstone can not be charged via a USB connection to a computer, your phone will also not be able to continue operating off of just a USB connection to your computer without a battery. You will need the full power of a wall charger, although this may work with some mobile chargers (the ZaggSparq 2.0 was able to power my Pre2 for about 5 seconds before it rebooted)

Thanks to Vasek Cekan and others for suggesting this tip!

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