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So folks, here's the deal. Due to its thickness (and sliding design), the HP Veer couldn't be packed with a micro-USB port or 3.5mm headset jack. There's simply not enough room. To get around that, the Veer has a small low-profile magnetic five-pin connector that is used to attach to the USB cable and a also another 3.5 mm adapter. The adapter wasn't out and about during the initial demo, but we were able to wrangle one and a USB cable up to see how it all works.

If you're concerned that the adapter could go either way, don't be. Each has a shaped cowel that matches the curve of the Veer, meaning it can only be attached in one way. This is good, because you can't plug in things upside down and fry your battery, or much worse, switch your audio channels to the wrong ear. But that's not a problem. To maximize space savings (or minimize space usage), the 3.5mm adapter is oriented such that any cable plugged into it will run down along the right side of the device. It's a bit funky, and by virtue of the required design of the 3.5mm plug.

Worse, though, it's a touch on the bulky side and we're not sure a magnetic connector is strong enough for our headphone needs., but nowhere near as bad as it would be if it stuck straight out. More shots after the break.