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Handcase Chooses Pre Too!
by Annie Latham on 2/5/2009 | Filed Under: News, Apps; Tags: palm pre | 3 comments

PalmTouch is reporting that Handcase, a Brazilian classic PalmOS software developer, is also jumping on the Pre-wagon. The company has already created Pre-versions for 70% of their 100 app library. Handcase’s applications are targeted for all types of users (casual through corporate) and fit categories as diverse as medical, entertainment, utilities and security.

Ricardo Garay, the CEO of Handcase, said the company has been taking steps to migrate their applications from Portuguese into English, and plan on having 100 apps ready by the end of the year.

For those unfamiliar with Handcase’s offerings, check out their YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/handcase).

The PalmTouch post brings up an interesting point…
How are these apps going to be distributed? While we know that Palm will offer an on-board App Store, the exact details will be unveiled later. As more and more companies jump on the Pre-wagon, let’s hope Palm has a developer-friendly process in place that welcomes the loyal Palm OS developers and wins over some of those who have been frustrated with Apple’s app store process.