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Times Online

While they call it a review, in reality it’s more of a preview, but it is the first European preview of the GSM Palm Pre. And unsurprisingly (and thankfully), The Times' impressions are little different than ours: they see the Pre as the first legitimate iPhone fighter. And while the Pre hasn’t quite measured up in some regards (like sales numbers and apps), it offers many on-par and superior features that, as The Times says, means that European smartphone shoppers now have “a decision to make.” Of course, you know which way we’re apt to push you. Thanks to Paul for the tip!

Slashgear finds little different from the CDMA version, though they do confirm that the UK Pre is shipping with webOS 1.1.3 and 'parity' with the Sprint version will come 'later on in 2009.'

Vowe confirms the German Pre also is on 1.1.3, and is 'loving this already' despite battery reservations.

Arne Hess over at the::unwired has several videos up, from unboxing, to a a jammin hardware overview, a software hands-on, and a photo gallery.

Update: Gizmo21 points us to this 19-page golem.de review (here's the single-page version)

In all, it sounds like the GSM Palm Pre doesn't bring any surprises beyond the disappointing version of the webOS (but we knew about that already). It seems as though the Pre is getting about the same reception (reviewers, not signal) that it did in the states. Now the test is whether or not being on a larger carriers in these countries will translate into larger sales.