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If you're a Google Voice user and for some reason you aren't feeling any of the several options available to you in the Official App Catalog or in Homebrew, then you're in luck. Thanks to Apple's boneheaded App Store policies, Google was forced to step up their game and improve the heck out of their mobile Google Voice interface. The good news is that this 'designed for iPhone' look and feel works just fine on the webOS browser.

The web app works in a fashion almost identical to how our current, native webOS clients work: you find the number you want to call, Google calls you, you answer, and voila: connection via Google Voice.

Sure, you lose things like local contact search, but what you gain is... the ability to tell iPhone users that they're not so special. Either way, Google Voice users can hit it up at google.com/voice/m

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!