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Voogle Voogle

G?oogle Voice has returned to webOS with a brand new app that lets you call and text from your G?oogle Voice number ?right on your phone just like the good old days.

Voogle has hit the official App Catalog, and it has an interface that is almost exactly like the native webOS messaging app and dial pad. You should feel right at home transitioning to this as your communications method of choice. It will even replace your carrier voicemail with Google voicemail. Setting it up could not be easier as it walks you through a couple quick steps to set up as soon as you launch the app.

Aside from the typical calling and texting from within the app, you will also be able to listen to your voicemail and recorded calls, and read voicemail transcripts. T?here are folders for starred messages, missed calls and dialed calls, received calls and more. In short, everything in your G?oogle Voice account.

This is not all either. There are more features to come including mutlimedia messaging and real time notifications. Plus, according to the developer, "Voogle also supports cross-app launching so pretty soon some of your other favorite apps can start utilizing the power of Voogle."

G?et it right now for $1.99 in the App Catalog.