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Thanks to the diligent workers found in our forums (especially rmausser), you can now get access to the very same (improved) Google Maps mobile website that Android and iPhone users have access to. With a little bit of time and elbow-grease, you can stop using the built-in Google Maps application that so many of us have become frustrated with, and instead go straight to the source at Google itself. Just follow the 8 steps laid out by rmausser in our forums, and you'll be using the very slick Google Maps website on your webOS device in no time.

We won't say it's perfect, because it's not. There are a number of small problems that are introduced with accessing the website in a way it wasn't really intended. But if you're looking for a solution besides what has already been given to us, this quick work-around (which requires a google account that you can log into on your device and a computer) is a sight for sore eyes amongst the webOS faithful.