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Checking in is a rapidly growing area of social networking. GetGlue, a network that lets you check in to what you are doing rather than where you are, is considering a webOS app. Founder and CEO Alex Iskold told me there are no definite plans yet but if you want an app, send GetGlue a tweet to @GetGlue with the hashtag #webOS and let them know. In the meantime, you can also check in on Getglue's mobile site at http://getglue.com/mobile, but that is not nearly as much fun. Currently there are GetGlue apps for Android and iOS.

Unfamiliar with GetGlue? Read on for a quick look at this social service.


GetGlue has existed for some time already as a Firefox plug in, for the purpose of m Getglue app on iOS. arking things you like to get suggestions for more. That is still the biggest part of the GetGlue experience but now you can also check in to your favorite things. These include movies, tv shows, video games, music, books, wine, favorite celebrities, and even topics of discussion.

When you check in, you can type in a comment and push that out to Facebook and Twitter. Then you can read other people's comments and reply to them, creating a dialogue centered around a common interest. You can also at that point select whether you like, love or hate the item and even review it. Your likes and dislikes are used to suggest new things for you to try. Other people reading your comments can check a button to agree with you, or say your comment was funny or useful.

When you check in to something, you get points and there is of course a leaderboard. You also get points for comments and other people agreeing with your comment, finding it funny or useful. When you get the most points on an item, you can eventually become the guru. Gurus get special privileges and awards.

Checking in also earns you stickers, which are comparable to badges on Foursquare. You can get them for checking in to an item often, for checking in to special events, for rating and reviewing a lot of items, and for a lot of other things that sometimes are not self explanatory and even a little bit goofy. GetGlue also works out deals with networks to promote a show and they give you special edition stickers just for checking in to that show.

For some users, the best part is the stickers. When you get enough of them, you can have real physical stickers mailed to you for free to stick on your laptop, notebook, or where ever else you can show them off.

I have been using GetGlue on my iPod Touch for a few months now and I have enjoyed it. I have met some people that I enjoy talking to who have a lot in common with me, I have become entrenched in lengthy discussions, gotten a few tips for some shows I will probably like, and fittingly enough I am now the guru of webOS. Feel free to connect with me at http://getglue.com/natemylott.