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Paul Wagenseil from FOXNews.com had a chance to look at the Palm Pre earlier this month, and seems to have come away with the opinion that all the hype from the gadget shows is true.

Wagenseil sees the Pre as a challenger to the iPhone:

The Pre takes everything that's great about the iPhone — multitouch commands, the App Store — and adds most of what the iPhone's missing, such as a real keyboard, MMS messaging and a multitasking OS that can do more than one thing at once.

Wagenseil seems to like Palm's Synergy and refers to it as the Pre's real killer feature. Even so, he would rather stick with the old Palm desktop for syncing some stuff and feels that "the Windows companion desktop that goes with the Palm OS is one of the best desktop calendars/schedulers around."

But Wagenseil seems very happy with the Pre's phone-based calendar with the different colors for scheduling and the accordion for allocated sections.

Like many others waiting for the Pre, Wagenseil mentions a couple of things that he wishes the Pre has, such as a memory card slot for additional storage, and a stylus or trackball for when big fingers can't accurately select something on the screen.

Head over to FOXNews.com and read the full article.