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Our community forums are the best on the web when it comes to webOS talk and development, and every few days we like to show some of the threads that are the most interesting to our readers. Today we're taking a look at homebrew developments on webOS devices, including a boost in speed for the TouchPad, Internalz HD by Jason Robitaille and UberCalendar, which has been updated for the HP Veer. You can register in our forums for free here, and send us some topics that you've enjoyed to tim@precentral.net so we can add them in our next From the Forums post.

If you've just bought an HP TouchPad and you're looking to speed up the experience a bit, you'll be interested in a few patches that really clean up how the operating system runs. PC Forum user jalaed18 has shared some of the first pieces of work from the team of awesome webOS homebrewers, and we've gotta say, it is definitely not a bad idea to install a few of these patches when you have a chance.

Jason Robitaille is known by webOS users far and wide as one of the most active homebrew developers out there (right up with WebOS Internals). With his latest project ComicShelf HD on the way through the webOS App Catalog, he's now looking to completely rebuild Internalz HD as an Enyo app for the TouchPad, but he won't be doing it without your opinions. Check out his thread here to give him input on a couple of different features in this first TouchPad version of Internalz HD.

It only took two days, and the UberCalendar patch for webOS the Palm Pre has been updated to work for the HP Veer. UberCalendar brings a lot of great enhancements to the default calendar application in webOS, and for some users like kresom, it is an absolutely necessity for their webOS devices to get the best experience.