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If a Palm Pre, an iPhone 4 and a BlackBerry were to exchange genetic material deep within the labs of an uninspired engineer to create an unholy spawn, we suspect that the end result would be something similar to the device pictured in the image above.  Hailing from China, this Pre knock-off sports a host of inspiring capabilities such as a non-touch sensitive "home" button that should look familiar to you iPhone owners out there accompanying a Fake BlackBerry or fake iOS operating system, dual SIM capability, an FM Radio, SD card support, dual camera and a rockin' 3 hours of talk time.

While it's nowhere near as good as the original (okay, we actually wouldn't mind dual cameras or two SIM slots), it's sure better than some other knockoffs we've seen.

Via: Engadget; Source: MICgadget, m8coolThanks to cash111 for the tip!