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Instead of just taking the Facebook app for webOS phones and making it bigger for the TouchPad, the webOS developer team built an entirely new Facebook app (called "Facebook Tablet") in Enyo, complete with sliding panes and website previews right in the app. While some features of the phone version seem to be missing (for example, in-app photo uploading, requiring you to have to add them in the Photos app instead) and may not have all of the features of the "official" apps on other platforms, the tablet-sized webOS Facebook app is still pretty full featured and easy to use. But, in case you need some help navigating the app and articles, here are some tips for you

  • In your News Feed, there are two ways to view your articles. In a chronological listing or as a more graphical "newspaper" style view. You can switch between these using theĀ  icons on the bottom right of the screen
  • When viewing your News Feed of articles or the Wall of one of your friends on the TouchPad's Facebook app, tapping the article will bring up a panel on the right that displays any comments or "likes" of the article
  • Tapping that article again (or, if an article has a link to a webpage, initially just tapping that link) will cause a new panel to open that focuses specifically on that one article. If there was a link to a website in that article, it will even load up that website within the viewing pane.
  • To view additional articles, you can either go back by tapping the sliding pane icon to go back one level of webOS sliding panes, or you can actually swipe left or right to move to the previous or next article, respectively. The easiest way to accomplish this swipe to move between articles is to start from within the comments pane on the right side of the screen (note that while this is a fancy way to move between articles, it's also the slowest, as it needs to load up the entire article before letting you move to the next one)
  • Finally, you can also tap the author's name of the specific post to load up that person's profile

Thanks to @Techiatry on twitter for the "slide between articles" tip

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