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Well isn't this serendipitous? Just as we started a week's worth of Facebook for webOS Tips, Palm has dropped an update to the FaceBook for webOS Beta, updating it to 1.3.1. As RanGT notes in our forums, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of newness here, but Palm does write that there are "some bugfixes and performance improvements" to be had. We are detecting increased snappiness all around.

If you haven't upgraded from the regular version of FaceBook to the Beta, we suggest you join us in the future - our own Adam Marks tells you how here.

Source: Facebook Beta for webOS; Thanks, RanGT!

Update: Looks like the official, App Catalog version of Facebook is up to 1.3 now, bringing landscape viewing, filtered news feeds, and more to the masses. If the Beta version scares you (it shouldn't, but we don't judge), snap it up. Thanks foggylemon!