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Palm's dynamic developer relations duo - Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith - have dropped a new Beta Facebook App for webOS into the Palm Beta Apps Feed. It brings the main feature we've been missing: notifications!

With the 1.1.2 update, the feature comes at you in two ways. First, in the interface itself the upper-lefthand button has been switch from a persistent "Update Status" button to a button that's badged with how many notifications you've missed and opens a drop down to see all your recent notifications. As somebody who isn't constantly updating his Facebook status, this is a welcome change.

Second - background notifications! Right now it will show your most recent notification, but we're told that flipping through notifications and even responding to friend requests right there in the dashboard are features they're looking at. The notifications work by polling Facebook in the background, but we're still waiting / hoping that Palm will get their Mojo Messaging Service / Push Notifications off the ground in the near future.

A few more fixed are in store as well:

  • Keyboard shortcuts now use our native "gesture area + key" support which includes a drop down "Navigate to...." area.
  • Formatting of content has been fixed (blank lines separating content)
  • No HTML tags in Inbox (no more
  • If you launch the Facebook app when already running, refresh the feed a la Tweed

Grab it now by clicking the download link you'll find right here: Beta Facebook App for webOS.

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