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Export contactsYou always want to make sure that you have a backup of your critical data that you keep on your smartphone or tablet, and your contact list should be towards the top of your priority list when to comes to ensuring you have recent backup. If you use cloud-based synergy accounts for your contacts like Google Contacts, Facebook or Yahoo, you are probably less worried about having a backup since you can always go back to the source data and pull it down again. But if you use the Palm Profile or a different "local" account for your contact data, the only way to access your data is on the device itself. If that device gets lost or your backup gets corrupted, you run the risk of forever losing that data.  There are a few methods that you have to back up your contracts, with the easiest being just dialing a simple code into the phone dialer to create a .vcf (VCard or "Virtual Business Card")

In order to perform the steps above, though, you need a working touchscreen to activate a few of the on-screen buttons. So what happens if your screen is cracked or the touchscreen in unresponsive?  Thanks to webOS forum member gizmo21 we now have the ability to export your contacts via command line so you can just plug your device into a computer to export your contacts. One prerequisite for this process is that your device must already be in Developer Mode, as explained in our guide to Getting Started: Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes with WebOS Quick Install

Once your device is in Developer mode, just plug it in to your computer. If you have the webOS SDK installed, you can directly open up a Linux Command Prompt, but an easy way to do that is to open up WebOS Quick Install and select "Tools" and then "Linux Commandline". Once the command prompt appears, type in the follow command, depending on your webOS version.

webOS 1.x

luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.contacts/makeVCardList '{"stripPhoneNumbers":"false","vCardPath":"/media/internal/ExportedContacts.vcf"}'

webOS 2.x (Phones) or webOS 3.x (TouchPad)

luna-send -f -n 1 palm://com.palm.service.contacts/vCardExportAll '{"filePath":"/media/internal/ExportedContacts.vcf"}'

Be aware of the space and ' after vCardExportAll and the trailing '

Once you run the script, an ExportedContacts.vcf file will be created on the USB drive on your device and you can then use a keyboard combination to access the USB drive on your phone or TouchPad to back up that file. And this can also be useful to easily migrate your data to a different services like Google Contacts.  Also, if you are running webOS 2.x or higher, you may want to want to install the Enhanced Contacts VCard Export patch to ensure you are pulling in all your contact data

Thanks to gizmo21 in our webOS Nation forums for this tip


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