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Ensuring that you always have backups of your contact list is extremely important, in case you ever lose your phone or something goes wrong with a Profile restore after a webOS Doctor or device swap. Keeping your contacts in a cloud-based solution like Google or Yahoo is one solution to ensure you maintain a backup somewhere, but even then it would be a good idea to have a local backup. Unlike Palm OS, webOS does not have any local sync solution to pull your contacts from your phone, and you can only send the details of one contact at a time with the built-in functionality (without patching your phone, that is). Luckily, there is some hidden functionality in webOS that the carriers utilize to transfer your contacts off your phone and on to another (even a non-webOS phone). Keep reading after the break to learn how to take advantage of this functionality.

To create a .vcf (VCard or "Virtual Business Card") file of all your contacts that can then be imported into an Address Books/Contact Lists across a wide range of applications and devices (including any webOS device) just follow the following steps:

  1. Export Contacts Open the Phone App Phone App
  2. For CDMA phones, dial ##66623#. For GSM phones, dial #*66623# and press the green Call Button ( Phone Call )
  3. Tap the green "CelleBrite Export" button
  4. After "Step 1: Export File..." is complete, follow directions for "Step 2: Connect USB cable" and connect your phone to a computer via a USB cable
  5. Access the USB drive by tapping on USB drive notification
  6. Make sure that you set the option on the computer's File Manager to "Show hidden files and folders" and then open up the ".temp" folder on your phone
  7. A file called "PmMigration.vcf" will be inside the ".temp" folder. Just copy this file off your phone and on to your computer.
  8. Properly eject your phone from USB Mode
  9. You can either just backup this file for later, or use it to import your contact list into a program or site that accepts .vcf files (e.g. Gmail)

Note that this will save ALL your contacts, not just those in your Palm Profile

Thanks to sketch42 and ssethv for suggesting this tip!

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