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Read Android Central's full EVO 4G Review 

One year after Sprint launched the Palm Pre to much fanfare, they have a new device they're all excited about, the EVO 4G. Our pals at Android Central have been covering this first major WiMAX phone from all angles, including an EVO 4G vs Palm Pre breakdown.

Look, we're not going to beat around the bush here, everybody. The cold, hard truth is that Palm is still strongest on Sprint and Sprint is chasing this big black slab like a youth soccer player. A look through our forums, especially this thread, shows that a sizable number of Pre owners are going to make the switch. Obviously we here at PreCentral think that even though the Pre hardware is starting to look old hat, webOS still has plenty of key advantages over Android, but we can't be all MEOW MEOW about this big launch - either in the catty sense or the "LA LA I can't hear you!" sense (the cute and cuddly sense, of course, is still acceptable).

So fess up, switchers: why are you switching? webOS faithful: what advantages over Android keep you happy and serene in the face of the EVO onslaught? Keep it civil, everybody, there's plenty of room (even on Sprint's relatively small network) for both Android and webOS.