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Enable Private BrowsingWhen you browse webites on a webOS device, the history of all the sites that you visit is saved to your device. This can be convenient when trying to find a site you want to revisit, but there are times that you may not want that history saved. For example, if you are shopping for gifts on your TouchPad you probably don't want other family members to see where you browsed. You can view your browser history (on phones or on the TouchPad) and swipe-to-delete individual sites, or you can delete your entire history in the Web Preferences page, but sometimes it's just easier to not have your history saved in the first place.

Thanks to developer Micah Gorrell (you might also know him as minego), we have "Private Browsing" patches in preware for both webOS phones and the TouchPad that allow you to toggle "Private Browsing" mode on or off in seconds.  Once installed, just swipe down from the top-left of the screen to access the Application dropdown menu and select "Enable Private Browsing" (see screenshot). There is no visible indication on phones that this has been enabled, but on the TouchPad the top part of the app will turn from gray to red.  From this point on, any website you visit will not be saved in your history until you disable private browsing in the Application drowndown menu

Note that some third-party apps also have this feature built in, such as Universe Browser by OpenMobl Systems or Advanced Browser by MaKleSoft.  Unlike the patch above, the toggle to turn these on or off within the apps are located in the Preferences page themselves, not in the dropdown menu.

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