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While doubleTwist has always been great for syncing your Pre with iTunes whether or not Apple was unhappy enough to break Media Sync, it still leveraged your music purchasing through iTunes. While you could still download music from Amazon MP3 from your browser and load it into iTunes through Amazon’s own desktop software, it wasn’t exactly the most elegant solution. doubleTwist has decided to make that easier and has integrated the Amazon MP3 Store into their own sync software.

As with Amazon MP3 on the Pre, doubleTwist now has access to over five million songs in Amazon’s catalog, available for purchase as both complete albums and individual tracks. Thankfully, like doubleTwist’s syncing software, they’ve also made the Amazon MP3 Store dead easy to use. This implementation is actually quite a bit easier than trying to utilize the Amazon MP3 Store via their browser-based interface, which was quite clearly designed for the purchase of physical media that built Amazon into the retail powerhouse it is today.

With Amazon MP3 available on both your Pre and now easily on your computer via doubleTwist we now have one fewer reason to rely on iTunes for our music synchronization needs.

[via: TechCrunch]