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Don't expect the LG webOS TV at CES 2013

Back in October when we broke the news that Gram is working with LG on creating an Open webOS-powered HDTV, we were told by our sources that the plan was to unveil the next-generation smart TV at CES 2013 (8-11 January). With CES now less than a month away, we're being told that a reveal next month is unlikely, as much as Gram wants to start making money off Open webOS and LG might want to move on from the aging NetCast and controlling Google TV platforms. The CES 2013 target launch was an optimistic one and we'll admit that we were a little skeptical that it was going to happen so quickly. Unsurprisingly, HP/Gram declined to comment on the reports that they are working with LG on an Open webOS TV, let along whether or not said television will be launching at CES.

The work between LG and Gram is ongoing, though the leaks that were behind our October exclusive apparently spooked executives at the companies (though who exactly and to what degree they were upset by the leak isn't clear), prompting Gram to go further into lockdown/stealth mode. The plan was for Gram to have formally launched by now, but for the time being they're putting the public unveil of the new company on hold and focusing on their work on Open webOS and with LG.