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Earlier today we lamented the silence surrounding webOS. It’s rough trying to cover the news on a platform where there’s little news. That might change soon, according to a report by AppleInsider. Citing people familiar with HP’s plans, AppleImsider claims that HP has finished the initial bidding process for webOS and will be holding an all-hands meeting tomorrow “that may reveal [the] future plans for selling or spinning off” the webOS Global Business Unit.

Unless they were given several billion dollars in seed money (several billion dollars with which HP wouldn’t necessarily want to part), we can’t see a spin-off happening. So a sale, then? That seems more likely, and according to our own sources around a dozen companies initially expressed interest, with at least one committing to launch webOS devices in 2012 (sounds like HP’s looking for those who will be able to “do right” by webOS).

There’s no word on the results of the bidding. HP might be done taking bids, but they’re keeping under wraps who – if anyone – has agreed to purchase the remnants of Palm. So stayed tuned (we know you’re tired of hearing that one, but it’s all we can offer at this point), hopefully it won’t be too much longer. We’re starting to get ulcers here.