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We hear from Digitimes [via PIC] that Cypress Semiconductor will be supplying the Palm Pre with its touchscreen technology and panel. According to Digitimes' sources, Cyress will be the sole provider for the capacitive multi-touch technology on the Pre.

PIC says that Cypress' CY8CTMG110-32LTXI or the Multi-Touch Gesture TrueTouch controller seems to be the likely set of components to be used for the Palm Pre. These perform traditional touchscreen functions including interpreting single touches, and gestures such as tap, double-tap, pan, pinch, scroll and rotate.

I watched an interesting video on the Cypress website in which Sam Fintz, Global Marketing Manager for Cypress Semiconductor Corp. explains touchscreen technology. Fintz said:

Touchscreen technology addresses the conflicting demands for smaller products with larger displays. It eliminates traditional buttons without sacrificing screen size. They also enable users to manipulate new fuctions easily and intuitively by interacting directly with content on the screen.

Fintz says that most touchscreens used at banks and grocery stores are made of resistive technology that's mechanical and breaks down over time. Believe me, I've seen my share of worn out credit card readers in my local grocery store.

Fintz adds that Cypress' TrueTouch Touchscreen solution is based on a touchscreen technology that has no moving parts and is much more durable. It's the most advanced touchscreen technology found on the market. Fintz shows the iPhone in the video when talking about TrueTouch.

According to Fintz, you can use TrueTouch for a single finger touch, two finger relative gesturing, or even true multi-touch that can interpret up to ten fingers simultaneously. He goes on to explain how TrueTouch works by demonstrating the technology via a TrueTouch powered touchscreen and a laptop monitor showing a red dot to simulate the touches.

TrueTouch is a fascinating technology for sure. I'm still in awe each time I pick up my iPhone and swipe my finger across the screen and open apps or zoom in on text or photos. I saw all of that technology when watching the Palm Pre demonstration videos from CES.  Everything I saw was amazing and I can't wait to see the Pre's touchscreen in action "in person"!