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Create rule in incredible! to view a user's twitter app

by Adam Marks Fri, 10 Aug 2012 6:48 pm EDT

Create Creating rules in incredible!, by Zhephree, is a rather easy task. These "rules" can help you determine how specific posts show up in your timeline (or hidden from it altogether) and can be based on the Author of the post, the social network service, a specific account within that social network if you have multiple, or based on the content of the post itself, and then you determine the outline color of that post or if you want to hide it from your timeline.

In addition to those "simple" rules that are based on a specific aspect of a post, you can also have a rule that runs a script that is essentially Javascript to gain some additional advanced functions. Some details are provided on the website, including the rule that will display the Twitter app that people are using to tweet from (for example, "10 minutes ago via incredible!" or "1 hour ago via the web"). In order to add this rule, load up incredible! and follow the steps below:

  1. Swipe down from the top-left to show the "Application dropdown" menu and select "Manage Rules"
  2. Tap the "Add New Rule" button
  3. Select "Service" and then tap next
  4. Ensure that the "compare" is set to "is" and then tap next
  5. For the value, type "twitter" and then tap next
  6. Choose the "Run Script" tab along the top of the box and paste in the following text then tap next;

item.footer.setContent(item.fuzzyDate+" via ";

item.footer.addStyles("text-align: right;");

  1. Name the Rule, such as "Show app info" and then choose "Save"

You can also prepopulate a few steps above by finding a post in your timeline from twitter, press-and-holding on the post to bring up a pop-up menu, choosing "Create Rule from This…" and finally choosing "Service" in the first pop-up. This will pre-fill in the "twitter" piece in step 5 above.


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