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Contest  Reminder: Only three days left to enter in the TouchPad Go raffle!

It's hard being a webOS fan. Especially when most of the devices that we wanted never even hit store shelves. Devices like WindsorNot and TouchPad Go haunt us every time we see a similar device released with a similar idea rocking a different operating system. With that said, if you just so happen to own a device like say...a TouchPad Go you would be one of the coolest people on the interwebs as you have something few other tech geeks have! Thanks to community member Rich Dunbar you now have that chance with his TouchPad Go raffle

For the downright tiny and respectably reasonable amount of $10 you can enter to win two awesome piles of webOS gear (one of which contains a TouchPad Go). Not only do you get a chance to win some sweet webOS swag but you also will be helping raise money be donated to the community outreach branch of hurricane-hit Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana and longtime Texas HIV/AIDS community volunteer Sally Johnson of Texas.

There's only three days left before Rich announces the winners. So if you want to take a stab at winning the "big" or "small" piles of webOS gear you had better get on it! Entering yourself in the raffle is simple and can be done by purchasing chances via PayPal to GiveForAGo@gmail.com in US $10 increments only. They should be made by selecting "Send Money" and "Personal" and "Gift". It is quite simply that simple!

So what are you waiting for? Let's show these Rich just how awesome this community is (you're pretty much exceedingly awesome, for the record) and raise some cash for these two awesome causes!