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In order to test all of the awesome things they’re doing for compatibility with webOS 2.0 and the new Palm Pre 2, the chaps at WebOS Internals and Jason Robitaille of Canuck Coding were in need of such devices. As open source developers offering the vast majority of their wares at no cost to the public, as you may imagine their coffers aren’t exactly overflowing with funds.

Enter the Palm community, full of awesome members (that’s you, by the way) that organized an internet telethon to get the homebrew all-stars the money they’d need to buy the phones. In less than one month, the community managed to raise $8,732.52, more than enough to buy a developer Pre 2 for Jason and each of WebOS Internals’ fifteen staff members. The excess funds will be used to pay for server costs that result from hosting the popular homebrew tools, and may even be used down the line for buying next generation webOS devices *cough*PalmPad*cough* for testing.

Said Rod Whitby, WebOS Internals Project Lead:

“This community is awesome. 'nuff said.”

We couldn’t agree more. If you missed out on the telethon, it’s not too late to make your own contribution to support WebOS Internals.

As for everybody who contributed, we got the list from cantaffordit (thanks!) and will have a special surprise for you in the forums later today!