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If you want to read more real-world reviews of the new HP TouchPad, our community members are some of the best to listen to. 

You've no doubt already read our mega-review of the HP TouchPad that we published just last week, and in the days that followed, you've seen a number of in-depth looks at the various features and apps that the TouchPad has brought us. But a few reviews from our small team here are likely not enough for the majority of tech enthusiasts out there thinking about purchasing the latest tablet device. Luckily, our community members and developers are all awesome people, and we have seen a plethora of TouchPad reviews pop up in our forums and across the web from people who have just bought the new gadget.

Click through the break to see a wide variety of HP TouchPad reviews and video tutorials (like the one above) from people all over the world and from different walks of life. If you've seen other reviews that you'd like to add, or just want to share your opinion of the TouchPad, hit the comments below and leave something there for the rest of us to read.

  • The Ultimate Collection: There is no doubt that we are going to miss a few great reviews as we get started with our list below, so first you should take a look at our HP TouchPad discussion forums, where most of our community is actively posting unique thoughts and reviews about the tablet. After you're done reading through the other ones we've shared, take a look in this forum to see what else you might find.
  • A former Palm Pre user on Sprint, now turned Android, recently read through some of the negative reviews of the TouchPad that come from "tech experts", and decided to go with a Galaxy Tab instead. Luckily for them, though, the display of the HP TouchPad at the store they were visiting caught their eye, and after trying it out for a few minutes, they were "smitten" with delight. Read their short review and experience in our forums here.
  • With a little bit more detail than other reviews we've found, graylion has shared his experience as a business user, rather than as a developer or tech blogger, and it's a good rundown of both the good and the bad in the device. As an owner of an iPad, he has some good perspective when it comes to looking at the features and capabilities of the device, so give him a look here.
  • If you want to catch a few video comparisons of the TouchPad and the iPad 2, Asaseaban has got us hooked up with some good ones, including the one we loaded above. See his comparisons of applications, email features, the full web browser and a bit more in his thread here. He is also open to suggestions for other videos as well, so put yours in for him to see - we'll look forward to watching them.
  • Zhephree is one of those guys that "never liked the idea of owning a tablet", though now that he has a TouchPad in his hands (for development purposes, he built Foursquare for webOS), that thought has changed a bit. As one commenter said, "this is the review every standard consumer should read." It's very good, and hits a lot of the points that are actually important to consumers. Read more on his blog, and then check out his apps in the catalog.
  • If you're going to be using a TouchPad at your office every day, there might come a time when you need to connect to the VPN. A number of users have shared their experiences so far with it, and while there's still not much to share just yet, there are still some very interesting comments over here.
  • It's a TouchPad Review Rant that has found its way into this thread in our forums by i2y4n, and they raise some very good points as they begin to experience the TouchPad for themselves. Yes, there are some problems with the current iteration of the tablet, but for them, the pros and good experiences far outweigh the negatives. What do you think?
  • It's a long list of TouchPad likes and dislikes that has grabbed our attention in the forums. Vasekvi, a new TouchPad owner, gives a comprehensive list of nearly every praise and complaint a person might have about the device, and a few other users have responded in kind. A good quick review for you list lovers that want to hear about actual experiences, and not just raw data.
  • Perhaps the best reviews of the TouchPad are the simplest ones, and it doesn't get much simpler than this. Calcmandan apparently loves his TouchPad enough to start a thread about it, and asks if anyone else loves their's in the same way. What results is several pages of users commenting about their favorite features, and a few even joke about borrowing money to buy one for themselves. It's all in good fun, and raises our spirits after a long day of listening to negative comments. Hopefully you'll enjoy it, too.