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Matthew Miller, of our sister site Nokia Experts and his blog on ZDNet.com, has just written up the first in his series of five "Clash of the Touch Titans" articles that look at the operating system, hardware, carriers, 3rd party applications, and overall functionality of the touch-focused devices either available or coming soon from each of the major mobile operating systems. Matthew will be looking at touchscreen devices pitted against the new iPhone 3.0 on the iPhone 3G since the iPhone is currently the hottest device available.

The devices going up against the iPhone running 3.0 are the Palm Pre, HTC Magic, BlackBerry Storm, Samsung OMNIA HD, and the HTC Touch Diamond2.

I'm thrilled that Matthew has decided to kick off his series with the iPhone 3G with 3.0 OS compared to the Palm Pre running Palm WebOS.

Matthew states:

"This first article will be focused on what we know about each of these upcoming devices/operating systems, but there are still a few aspects of both that have not clearly been defined and neither is available for any hands-on trials."

Matthew's first article is an excellent read! Be sure to head over to ZDNet.com and read what Matthew has to say about these two smartphones. If you're on the fence about which touch-focused device to get, be sure to read Matthew's entire series of articles.