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Chapura's PocketMirror and Echo, which enable local sync of calendar and contacts (as well as adding sync of tasks and memos) from Microsoft Outlook and Palm Desktop respectively, was unfortunately not compatible with webOS 2.x; previous users who upgraded to the Pre 2 (or installed webOS 2.1 on their legacy devices) found themselves unable to access their previously synced memos and tasks. Chapura had promised a free update, and has delivered one, via new versions of PocketMirror, Echo and their standalone notes and tasks launcher apps that have just appeared in the App Catalog. Note that these are new applications; while there is no additional charge for previous purchasers, the new apps do not trigger update notices within the Software Manager. Similarly, the new version of the desktop SyncManager, v.4, is a separate download and installation rather than an update for the earlier version. By taking this approach, Chapura makes it possible for those who remain within webOS 1.4x to make and keep full use of the programs.

Beyond 2.x compatibility, though, there are currently no new features in PocketMirror or Echo. According to Phil Purpura, the president of Chapura,

There are no new features in this release other than 2.x compatibility.  The re-write to become 2.x was a huge task due to several major changes Palm made to the OS.  Our goal was to get PocketMirror and Echo working with 2.x out as fast as possible so people could use their updated devices.  Our original fear was an over-the-air update of all old devices that would break everyone’s ability to synchronize.  Now that we are out and working with 2.x, we will look at adding new features like JustType and Notes date sort, but the list is not set yet.

In our initial testing, PocketMirror for webOS 2 works at least as well as its predecessor. Further, while the applications themselves may not have new features, some of webOS 2's own improvements carry over; the Notes app efficiently accepts input from a Bluetooth keyboard.

Chapura has provided value and new abilities to Palm users for more than a decade; it's great to see it continue to do so.