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Change your App Catalog country for fun and appsAre you a webOS user in a country other than Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, or the United States of America and find yourself looking from the outside in, longing for a taste of the App Catalog action? Or are you in one of those eleven countries and finding yourself looking wistfully at another nation, wishing you had their App Catalog at your fingertips? With the right tools, you can now make that change.

There are two things you need. One is the new tool "HP webOS App Catalog Country Changer 1.0" by webOS Nation member and homebrew developer GMMan. The other is a credit card from that country. Yeah, there's always a catch.

With the TouchPad it was possible to register in a country other than your own (assuming you had the appropriate credit card), but users of webOS smartphones found themselves locked to the country of their carrier. If you're activating in a country that doesn't have App Catalog support - there are 185 of those countries, encompassing some 6.1 billion people, in case you were wondering -  but happen to have a credit card from one of those eleven countries that do work, the App Catalog Changer can make it happen.

Before you get too excited, do know that this isn't as simple of a process as installing a homebrew app (though you will need webOS Quick Install). You'll need Windows (or to install the homebrew .NET framework Mono on Mac or Linux) and have to be comfortable working in the command line to get info about your device. Essentially the app temporarily masquerades to the App Catalog servers as your device, giving you the option to change the App Catalog country.

It's not an ideal solution (the ideal one being an actual global App Catalog), but we'll take what we can get these days. And major kudos to GMMan for making it happen!