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We’ve seen a lot of retailers musing about a mystical 64GB HP TouchPad, with some even listing the unannounced and un-hinted-at tablet as available for pre-order. But alas, as far as we know, it doesn’t exist. Or does it? UK retailer Carphone Warehouse believes in the 64GB TouchPad. In fact, the believe in it enough to put it on their TouchPad display, with pricing of £559 and a footnote of “Available mid-August 2011.” Now, it’s already mid-August, but there’s still a little over a week of mid-August left before this display can be called wrong.

Throwing fuel on the fire, we were forwarded an email from an HP channel business manager (an HP employee responsible for managing relationships with resellers) about the recent price drop. While it didn’t reveal anything new about said price drop – it’s $100 and permanent, just like before, it did reveal some of the reasoning. Not only is HP dropping the price to drive consumer adoption, they’re doing it to “prepare for the new 64GB and the 4G skus to be released soon.”

Is there a 64GB TouchPad coming? At this point, we believe – and we want.