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It's June 6th, 2011, and we all know what that means. Today is the two year anniversary of the original launch of the Palm Pre "minus" on Sprint. Last year, quite a few of our members declared that June 6th would be known as "Buy an App Day", and this year many of them are doing the same. Look in the thread by MDsmartphone and celebrate the day by buying a few apps and supporting our awesome developers.

henry727 has a question for the community - the Veer is starting to get some marketing hype through various ad channels that HP is hooked into, but what about the Pre 2? Wouldn't it be worth the dollar to promote the successor to the Pre Plus? There are a few opinions that have already been shared by members of our forums, but your voice is still needed to put this question to rest.

What is your dream phone? Is it the HP Veer? The Pre3? More than likely, your dream phone pulls in some of the features of both of those phones and others. Rennat wants to know what your dream phone would be like in his thread, and lists some of the most popular features that people are asking for. 

While we assume that user riw is happy with their transition from the Palm Centro to the HP Veer, we can't ignore the troubles they are having with a few features that they would like to duplicate on the Veer from the Centro, but we are hopeful that some of you may be able to help them out.

Check out riw's thread, and many others like it, in our community forums. There's always a lot more going on than we can add here, so go join the fun and send your threads in so we can add them to the next edition of From the Forums.