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Building Palm 2.0: Assemble your webOS hardware dream team [from the forums]

Let's say you have a few billion dollars burning a hole in your pocket (HP certainly doesn't). Being a good and loyal webOS fan, you decide that the best way to spend this money is to finance a brand-new company to purpose-build new webOS hardware. Really, what better way is there to spend billions of dollars? Okay, there might be better things to do with a billion dollars, but that's not the purpose of this thought exercise. We're venturing into the Twilight Zone here...

mattmers in the webOS Nation Forums proposes an interesting question: "If you could pick employee to be part of a dream webOS 'company' who would you pick?" Obvious names, like Jon Rubinstein (currently retired) and Matias Duarte (now at Google), are floated out there, along with a few more outlandish ones, like this guy named Derek Kessler (seriously, who would want that ass in their company?).

But it's an interesting question to ask, if you were building a new webOS hardware company, who would you be trying to woo to build your dream team? There are a lot of former Palm employees scattered throughout Silicon Valley and beyond, a good majority of which we expect likely have strong sentiments towards their old operating system, even if in spite of their feelings towards their former employer. And there are plenty of other non-webOSers out there that are looking for the next great opportunity.

HP and Gram aren't likely to be building new webOS hardware in anything resembling the new near future, so it's up to somebody else to do it. What better than a reconstituted Palm 2.0 (we've always had a soft spot for that name) to take up the Open webOS hardware mantle? And who better to lead it than… well, that's the question mattmers is asking.