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SMS Blank Avatar Have you ever noticed that the contact avatar picture in the Messaging App sometime disappears and all you see is a transparent box like in the top conversation in the screenshot? This can occur when you have a active conversation with a contact who changes their profile pictures in one of your synced accounts (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn). Instead of showing the new picture, webOS will just show a empty box. Luckily, there is an easy fix for this without resorting to deleting the entire messaging thread.

  1. Open up the conversation with the contact
  2. Tap on the header bar of the conversation where you see the contact's name. This will bring up the person's Contact record within the messaging ap.
  3. Tap on the person's name again to unhide the listing of their linked accounts
  4. Find the linked account with the picture you want to display and tap on that. A pop-up will appear with various options. Select "Set As Primary Profile" (even if this is already set as the Primary)
  5. Back-swipe to go back to your messaging conversation
  6. Back-swipe again to go back to your Conversations listing. You will now see that the contact's picture is showing up properly.
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