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Brothers in Arms

Gameloft sure isn’t taking any time off when it comes to porting games to webOS with that fancy schmancy PDK. Today landed a 3D game category that many have clamored for since PDK games first arrived: the first person shooter. And it comes in the form of a game that has proven to be quite popular on the iPhone platform. It’s Gameloft’s Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes. Based in WWII, you play a soldier in the United States Army’s 101st Airborne Division and fight your way through Africa and Europe. The game isn’t a straightforward FPS, as you also get full use of a variety of vehicles, including the ultimate man machine - the tank. Interested in aiding in the liberation of a digital Europe? Hit up the App Catalog now, where Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes is available for just $4.99.

Thanks to sketch42 for the tip!