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Boy Genius Report - Palm Pre

AUGH! We all know that they’re out there, floating in the hands of users who must feel so blessed that they’re beyond words. Boy Genius Report is not beyond words, though, they’re not even beyond pictures. They have their hands on a brand new Palm Pre and they’ve posted some initial thoughts on their new precious.

“The Pre feels really good in your hand in terms of size and shape, but there’s a real plasticky aura about it. Additionally, things aren’t looking good for that QWERTY either. And hey, you know we take them keyboards seriously! When you try and type on the top row of keys, your finger hits the bottom part of the front piece and on top of that, you often hit multiple keys at the same time while typing. It’s actually really frustrating and doesn’t bode well for such a fantastic social communication/personal/business tool.

The screen is really responsive and blends right in with the casing — awesomely executed and the capacitive touch is so damn beautiful. We’d rate it just behind the iPhone but in front of the T-Mobile G1 as far as screens go.”

Now all we need is to get our own... *grumble*

Thanks to everybody that sent this in!