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Before tonight, if you wanted to run Enyo apps on a webOS device, you had to have an HP TouchPad or Pre3. With the just-updated Bing Maps released for all webOS devices, that changes. If you installed the update, you likely noticed the part where you had to reboot your phone. That’s because this app had to do something special to work at all on devices running webOS 1.4.5 or webOS 2.1: it had to install support for the Enyo framework.

What that means is something really awesome: everything from the original Palm Pre to the barely-released HP Pre3 can now run Enyo apps. HP hasn’t announced any changes to their app submission guidelines, as of right now Enyo apps can only be submitted for the TouchPad and Pre3, but that could all change in short order now that the webOS development team has figured out how to add Enyo support to every webOS device.

Right now, the catalog of Enyo apps available for webOS smartphones can be counted on one hand. But that’s almost entirely because the developers were limited to the Pre3, which has a most minuscule userbase. But with the Pre, Pre Plus, Pre 2, Pixi, Pixi Plus, and Veer all now capable of Enyo apps (so long as you've downloaded the requisite maps update) there’s a wide world of users to which developers can market their Enyo wares. It’s not going to save webOS, but it’s certainly not a bad thing for anybody that owns an older webOS device.

We’ve gotta give them credit – with no new devices to work on, the webOS team has kept themselves busy adding new functionality to devices we’d long considered abandoned. Great work on the Trojan Horse, guys!