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HP’s big display tables at Best Buy are finally getting some product on them. Right now the only devices you’ll see are fully-functional Veer smartphones, but that’s better than the dummy phones Palm used to distribute (don’t know the 'why' behind that, just glad it’s over). The displays are clean and uncluttered (save for that ironic stack of Brother printers to the side) and already have placards up teasing the TouchPad’s eventual arrival.

The info sheets are essentially condensed versions of HP’s TouchPad website, touching on the tablet’s key marketing points: multitasking, Beats Audio and Flash, Synergy, Touch-to-Share, Just Type, and generic apps. We’re not entirely certain if the Veer phones will remain at the TouchPad table once the tablets arrive, or if they’re merely placeholders. Regardless, they kind of serve like a miniature introduction to webOS and the TouchPad. A few more shots are after the break.