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Confirming our earlier insider report and also what we heard from Ed Colligan yesterday, Mobile Syrup is reporting that sometime in late Q2 or early Q3, Bell Canada will be launching the Palm Pre.  The report further bolsters our insider's claim by noting that the Treo Pro will also launch on the network on February 26th.  

The question of when the Pre will launch on Sprint is still up in the air, of course.  Although Q2/Q3 matches up with the "First half of 2009" timeline we know for Sprint, there's no guarantee that the phone will launch on the same date on both networks.  It might be safe to expect that they will, however, as it's likely Palm will want to have an iPhone-like splash at launch.

Our insider at Bell had also told us the same date that Sprint CSRs were telling customers as late as last week for the Pre launch: the incredibly unlikely February 15th, this Sunday. Although we don't think it's anywhere near realistic (in the non-unicorn world) that the Pre will be available on the 15th, it may be possible that preorders could start on that date.  We've heard it so often and from so many disparate sources, it seems as though something ought to go down on Sunday, but for now we're still expecting it to be a Lazy Sunday.