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James Cameron '

It’s the highest grossing movie of all time and a groundbreaking cinematic experience (seriously, the only 3D this blogger has enjoyed), but Avatar has most been limited to the silver screen. Sure, there’s a console game and an Avatar game for the iPhone, oh, wait, Gameloft has brought James Cameron’s Avatar to webOS. Rock on, blue dudes.

Avatar is the latest PDK-enabled 3D game, and it promises to be one of the more impressive. Not only do you get to dive deep into the world of Pandora, you get to make the same choices made in the film: save the Na’vi or work with your fellow humans. Or are they your fellow humans? The lines get predictably blurry. But this isn’t just any-old scripted role-playing game - you get to fight against the Na’vi, humans, giant beastly things with nasty big pointed teeth. Oh, and did we mention that you get to fly? How cool is that?

James Cameron’s Avatar is available now in the App Catalog for $6.99.