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App Review: Music Discovery
by Sharon L Copeland on Sunday, Mar 25, 2012

App Review: Music Discovery

Today started out like any other day. I got up, cleaned the house, did the dishes and fed the puppies. Then as I was about to get ready to work out, I started looking thru my music collection on my Pre3 looking for something new, fresh and motivating to listen to. Cause believe me guys, there are only so many times I can listen to "L-U-V Madonna, Y-O-U you wanna?" before letting my puppy Penny tear up my headset out of sheer boredom. I even tried desperately scrolling through iTunes to see if I could find something new through their its "Genius" feature. Some genius, it just gave me suggestions of already established artists and of music I had already purchased. What was I going to do? Spend time on the internet searching for somebody new? Listen to the radio and its billions of commercials on the off chance I might find something that would give me goose bumps thru a lyric or a beat.

I wanted to find the next Lady Gaga or Annie Lennox and I had some empty space on my TouchPad that I wanted to fill it with new music. I am a passionate woman and I need a new music like Sharon Stone needs a good movie. But lo and behold I found a new app in the App Catalog that fit the bill for me: Music Discovery.

As the name of Uncommon Applications' app would seem to imply, Music Discovery an app for the TouchPad that helps you find "like artists". The app will run you $0.99 and you don’t have to log in and give out any information to find a new artist, which in this day and age is not only a plus, it's a relief.

The app is nicely designed with bright teal musical notes twisting and twirling in front of a gorgeous midnight blue backdrop. You just type in the name of a favorite artist and - boom! - it gives you a list of others you may like and a percentage rating of how alike they are to your entered artist.

App Review: Music Discovery

Music Discovery goes beyond just giving you a list of artists to check out - it provides web links so you can listen to that artist's music and check out photos and videos of them and their performances/interviews/drunken midnight paparazzi brawls. "Find Tracks" takes you to a page of their music on Last.fm, while "Find Photos" searches Flickr and "Find Videos" searches YouTube (where else?). All three (tracks, photos, and videos) open into a new web browser card. At the bottom of each match's options is a "Find Alike" button so you can start the Music Discovery search all over again with that musician.

What Music Discovery really does is cut out the time you spend searching the internet for relevant information about new or old artists you might find worthy of plunky down your credit card for their latest album. It helps that the app is easy to use, a pleasure to look at, and gets you where you want to go - to artists you're likely to like - without a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Our only gripe is the monstrous size of the search box versus the tiny size of the "Find X" links for the matched artists. But hey, it's only $0.99, and it's helping us find new music, so there's not that much to complain about with Music Discovery.