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App Review: A1 Tasks Pro
by Tim Stiffler-Dean on Saturday, Sep 17, 2011

When PreCentral user bedhan asked on a recent comment thread about where to find a great task manager on webOS devices, I knew that we were on the right track. As the first of several task management apps that we'll be reviewing here on PreCentral, I wanted to take a look at my personal favorite, A1 Tasks Pro, and show you guys what is so great about it. While it might not have all of the features that some users, including bedham, might be looking for, A1 Tasks Pro by A1 Development is perfect for people who want to see their progress with each project updated as they finish individual tasks.

The concept is fairly simple even if the delivery seems complex. When you first startup A1 Tasks Pro you have the option of creating a new parent task or project, with more options made available afterwards to create sub-tasks that all make up that larger tasks. The app doesn't just make a simple looking list with parent and sub-tasks littered throughout, though, A1 Tasks Pro gives a new way to look at your daily agenda, without causing the amount of coonfusion that other task apps are known for. 

Let me just demonstrate this as an example: Let's say that you are going to remodel your garage. While your main project or parent task could be called "Remodel Garage" (and you've guessed that it will take a total of 30 hours to finish the entire project from start to finish, A1 Tasks Pro is laid out to encourage you to break that project into smaller tasks, and then break those tasks into even smaller ones, to make getting through your day more enjoyable. So while "Remodel Garage" is the main project, you might list "Paint Walls" as a sub-task of that, with a time limit of 6 work-hours estimated, and yet another sub-task of "Buy Paint" could be created to get those points down to the finest level.

With the AutoCalc setting turned on, as you complete each of these smaller tasks, you'll notice as the parent tasks up the line, all of the way to the Main Task or Project, are all updated to show the progress that has been made with that latest achievement. Each time you finish a task, the other related tasks will all be updated to include the new "Percentage Completed" estimates, and leaving you a little more satisfied by the hard work you've accomplished.

But that's not all there is to the app. Besides keeping track of how much work is left with each task using status bars, you can also sort those task lists based on priority or color, or look through all of your tasks and sub-tasks from one view using webOS 3.0 app panels for navigation.The app itself may not have notifications or syncing with any major cloud services that can be found around the web, but the ability to watch and manage your status on every single project going on in your life, whether at work or at home, is priceless.

A1 Tasks Pro isn't just unique in the way that it manages your daily life, it's also unique in price coming in at $2.80. You can grab A1 Tasks Pro from the app catalog right now by hitting the source link below, but don't forget to read the reviews of this app to see what other users think as well. As you will soon find out, A1 Tasks Pro is a very nice app when you want something that will encourage you to keep working, even if the lack of notifications or cloud syncing keeps your focus going elsewhere at random times during the day.