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Last year when Inglorious Apps released their Notes application to the webOS App Catalog for smartphones, some of us were ecstatic to have an app with so much depth and cross-app integration as this one. Even now, for webOS smartphone owners, Notes is a great tool that many of you use on a daily basis for work, school, home and play. Not just because it allowed you to take quick notes with formatting that was beyond the competition; Notes brought social sharing, third-party app launching (like bringing a note into the device calendar or adding a voice recording), adding images, password protection and a whole lot more. It was, and still is, a great app. Well... it's about to get better.

Inglorious Apps has graciously sent us the Alpha version of their new app to be released on the HP TouchPad; Notes+ is coming, and it's bringing with it some of the features and all of the familiar design that we use daily on our smartphones. As of right now the app is still very much in its early stages (no cross-app integration or text formatting, yet), but it already looks good and gets a bit of use in our day-to-day activities around the office. You should be seeing Notes+ arrive in the TouchPad App Catalog sometime in the next few months, though we aren't exactly sure when, and expect to see a full review around that same time from us here on PreCentral. 

If you want to see some other work by the developer behind Inglorious Apps, take a look at our review of Glimpse from earlier in the week, and then head to the catalog to grab a few apps from them for your own device.