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In an interview with BBC News, HP CEO Leo Apotheker spilled a few beans as to what HP’s strategy moving forward will be, and it doesn’t look much like what was rumored earlier in the month. It turns out, Apotheker wants to make HP “cool.” In fact, he has the very target of technology cool in his sights: “I hope one day people will say ‘this is as cool as HP,’ not ‘as cool as Apple’.”

Of course, being able to be called cool depends on shipping cool products, something that HP has been doing more so in the past several months. We might be a Mac-heavy crowd in the PreCentral staff, but we’re still big fans of HP’s Envy line of laptops, and we hope to be big fans of HP’s line of webOS phones and slates.

Speaking of phones and slates, Apotheker said that the days of multi-month delays between announcements and shipping are over: “HP will stop making announcements for stuff it doesn’t have. When HP makes announcements, it will be getting ready to ship.” The next announcement comes in less than two weeks on February 9th, and the HP CEO promised that products announced there will be available a few weeks later.

But February 9th isn’t the be-all, end-all announcement for HP. Just a month later, on March 14th, Apotheker plans to unveil his grand plan for HP, his “secret answer” and “vision of what HP is capable of in the future... the starting point.” Apotheker was light on details, hinting that this vision would work to unify HP’s admittedly diverse arms, even though the broadness of HP is the company’s “basis of strength.” That diversity means that HP will need to cater to enterprise and consumer customers differently, though Apotheker believes that HP is the only company that can “get the speed of innovation, the ease of use, the accessibility, the wow factor from the consumer side” still be able to meet corporate security, compliance, and governance standards.

Even in the interview Apotheker was playing the HP is cool pitch, grabbing his assistant’s Palm Pre for a demonstration: “... look this is pretty cool, and webOS is the only phone that can truly multi-task.” True that, Mr. Apotheker. Now all you need to do is make the case to the people of the world. Products that “wow” and ship withing weeks? That’s definitely a good start.