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The most popular game on webOS and a winner in the PDK Hot Apps competition, Angry Birds just won’t stop growing into a franchise that encompasses far more than inexpensive mobile gaming, with rumors of a tv show and plush toys and now a confirmed report of a board game from Mattel.

The board game will be called Angry Birds: Knock on Wood and is set to release in May of this year with a price tag of $14.99 US. It will include a set of plastic game pieces: the obligatory pigs and birds, blocks to build the structures surrounding the pigs, and  a sling shot to fling the birds. The sling shot does not actually have an elastic band but is all plastic and presumably spring loaded. Of course the birds will not have their special abilities, but the set will include the yellow, red and black birds, all with an equal chance of doing the same damage to the Jenga-esque structure.

Check out the video of the game in action after the break.

Playing the game will be somewhat like a more violent form of Jenga. One player draws one of 56 mission cards, which shows a structure for the other player to build with the blocks. The first player then flings his birds at the structure and hilarity ensues. You will get points for knocking down the blocks, and the first to 1,000 points wins.

This new, real world incarnation of Angry Birds may or may not be as much fun as the mobile game, or as popular, but it could still prove to be a tremendous amount of fun and reach an audience not typically drawn to board games. It is not hard to imagine a family around the table laughing and giggling at the plastic mayhem, just as much as a group of beer fueled frat boys falling off of their chairs laughing and doing questionable things with the game pieces.

While the starting set may not seem like much, you can bet on future releases of additional birds, pigs, building blocks and mission cards to supplement your game.