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While attempts to get webOS to run on Android hardware has thus far come up short, k3dar in our forums has performed a related and crazy feat: getting Android to run on webOS hardware. Specifically, we're looking at the standard, no-frills AOSP "Android Open-Source Project" version of Android loaded up in a dual-boot scenario on the Palm Pre. There's some funky keyboard mapping necessary to make the whole thing work (volume for menu, E for Home) and chances are most of you out there with Palm Pre hardware won't be looking at an Android-based homebrew future anytime soon, but it's nevertheless quite the accomplishment.

Hit up the source link for instructions and a downloadable shell script to load onto a Pre so you can download and install Android on your very own. While it doesn't replace webOS or appear to be desctructive in any way, backups are still recommended all around. Do please let us know if you give this a shot. For the mortals amongst us, there's a sideways video after the break proving that this has actually happened.

Update: some reports of near-bricking if you try this on unsupported hardware - here's how to restore a webOS phone that's fallen on hard times.

Source: PreCentral Forums 1 and Forums 2;

Props to k3dar for figuring it out and thanks to XGC75 for the tip!