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We haven’t been hearing much about when webOS will make its way to AT&T, but one analyst believes that the launch (which was never announced or dated) has been delayed and that Ma Bell isn’t so hot on webOS anymore. As noted at Barron’s, Peter Misek of Canadian bank Canaccord Adams has both cut his forecasts for Palm’s impending earnings release (no surprise there) and no claims that AT&T has delayed the launch of the Pre and Pixi (no clarification on Plus variants here, but we have no reason to believe they’re not).

Not only is Misek claiming that AT&T is pushing the date back, possibly to June or July, but he also says that AT&T has slashed order numbers for the handsets. The most obvious headwind to Palm at this point is the lackluster performance on Verizon, but Misek also claims that AT&T trepidation has been amplified by “a long list of technical issues” with the phones. Additionally, he says that AT&T is cutting their planned marketing budget for the Palm devices, which would make sense if there are going to be fewer to go around.

All around, not good news, though we should note that this is all from one analyst, so you should be setting aside some obligatory salt to take with your next meal. Misek did have one ominous statement that we found to be particularly chilling (but not at all surprising): Palm’s weak sales and continuing technical issues “are starting to impact its relationship with carriers.”

[via: Palm InfoCenter]