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When the HP Veer launched last month, many of us here at PreCentral had concerns about the lack of advertising and the price point. Sure, it’s an incredibly capable device, but for yet untapped market of “smartphone intenders,” we weren’t sure an essentially unheard of handset and OS on AT&T could compete at $99 with an (albeit outdated) iPhone selling for half the price. Well, times continue to change. Sure, the Veer’s price remains unchanged at AT&T, but days later Best Buy came out of the gate offering the attention-grabbing white version for free on contract. Amazon then followed suit, dropping their price for the white Veer to $0.01 at the beginning of June.

But what about The Suits? The Angry Kids? The Wallflowers? What about people who’d like their incredibly small smartphone to be a bit more understated? Worry not, friends. Amazon has gone ahead and reduced pricing on the dark version of HP’s Lilliputian wonder to match it’s fairer sibling: One cent on contract (through Amazon) will get you any color you like, as long as it’s white or black.

Now, one might be inclined to consider this precipitous drop in Veer pricing as a reason to doomcast, and perhaps it is evidence of less-than-hoped-for sales numbers since it’s soft launch thirty days ago. Nonetheless, with the combination of significant viral and traditional advertising efforts now being made, and the introduction of a much more desirable price-point for newer smartphone users (and their parents), the Veer is now in a much better place to effectively court the low-end market. That’s true irrespective of it’s sales figures over the last four weeks.