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Palm Pre Reminder Field

If you’ve been following Mr. InvisibleMan’s Palm Pre emulator videos, you may have noticed in his contacts demo there was a field called Reminder right above the one for Notes. With this morning’s leaking of the Pre’s 344-page user manual, anxious owners-to-be have been pouring over its details and extracting what information they can about the phone. And already we’ve discovered what the Reminder field is for: Page 138 tells us you can leave a note in the contact,  and the next time you’re in contact with that person a notification will pop up to remind you of whatever you wrote down. Verbatim from the manual:

Assign a Reminder Message to a Contact
If you have an important message or a question for a contact, you can enter a reminder right on your phone. The next time you and the contact are in touch—whether by phone call, email, or text message/IM—the reminder pops up as a notification.

1. Open Contacts.
2. Search for a contact (see “Find a Contact” on page 134), and tap the contact name.
3. Open the application menu and tap Add Person Reminder.
4. Enter the reminder.

There are, of course, a myriad of uses for this sort of simple reminder. You could leave a note for how much money Paul owes you, and that he agreed to pay it by last Tuesday. You could jot down with that phone number you got in the bar some quick notes about the number’s owner and when and in which bar you got it. You could notate some account information for your business contacts so you know what’s going on with their contract. For forgetful people like myself, it’s the little things like an automatic reminder that make the big difference.

Thanks to reidme in our forums for the tip!