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It’s strange how AT&T works sometimes. The second largest (and pending regulatory approval, soon-to-be largest) cellular carrier announced a month ago that they were going to have a webOS 3.0 development webcast on Thursday, May 12th. Right now, the HP TouchPad is the only device we’ve seen running webOS 3.0, and that device has yet to see an official announcement of a 3G-enabled model, even though it’s all but assured one will be released eventually. So how should AT&T celebrate their webOS 3.0 development webcast? By giving away a webOS 2.1.2-powered HP Veer, you know, the one that they actually do have on AT&T right now (or at least soon).

As a reminder, the webcast is going down on the 12th from 1:00-2:00 PM Eastern Time, and will feature the HP webOS Developer Relation Team’s Josh Marinacci. The presentation is aimed at beginner and intermediate developers, and being that it’s a webOS 3.0 webcast, you can be assured it will be filled with all sorts of Enyo-y goodness. If you’re the type that’s interested, head on down to the source link below to register.